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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Review

The time of year is approaching for football video game fans to make a decision about the loyalty of their players for next season. The Pro Evolution Soccer series has long been one of the most important titles. With the latest edition of the game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Steam Key, the demo came out, it was the best moment, it was the most popular football of the time.


It is very gratifying that Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 continues this trend. Apart from some game modes that can be confusing for new players, and the lack of licensed clubs that make the game too empty, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 David Beckham Edition Steam Key is a fun and competent football title.


I was surprised by the precision with which the characters moved and responded to situations. If you jump the ball in the head, the character expands and bends his neck trying to increase his defense. It’s good to play as a team instead of a one man army.


The Master League and Become A Legend modes are just as realistic, but not in a good way. In the Champions League, you create a club director and in “Become a Legend” you become a legend. The Master and Legend modes of PES 19 have the robust systems that players want, without ease of use or appropriate tutorials.


In Legend Mode, obviously there are skill points that you can acquire that you can assign to different skills that you want to focus on, that I have not won or left the game to explain how they work. Even the options menu does not make it easy to increase or decrease the level of difficulty. Things like these are preventable and the distractions of other game modes.

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